What is Kraknz · Sustainable & eco friendly clothing

KRAKNZ is the only streetwear brand with ethical environmental principles. The only one that represents a huge crowd that not only shares fashion and style as a passion but also loves and respects caring for the environment.

This is the representation of the disbelief, non-conformism, and struggle that characterizes this generational change that is yet to come.

Eco friendly clothing Spain

The Kraknz method

It is simple. We are a streetwear clothing brand with one of the lowest environmental impacts. We carry our principles as a flag. We do not do anything that can damage our ecosystem. This means we are eco-friendly, animal-friendly and whatever else that comes to your mind. You name it.

Plastic? No. Cotton? 100% organic. Easy peasy guys.

Reduced all toxic chemicals

Reduced global warming


Reduced water consumption




Everything that involves the KRAKNZ brand means sustainability.
Every damn thing.



All the materials that we use to produce our garments are eco friendly.
Despite future collaborations and collections, we are nowadays focusing on organic cotton.
We get the raw material from organic landfills, and then create the fabric here in our headquarters in Spain.
With all the official and requiring certificates to be considered an eco product, we start designing and assembling the future and final apparel product.
We are not here to tell you once again about the benefits of organic cotton over conventional cotton, we can all Google it.

We are just making clear what we are made of, what makes us different, and saying out loud that you should be proud of wearing any official KRAKNZ product out there.



Not much to say about these ones, but yeah, they are also eco. The labels you will find in any of our products are made of recycled yarn.

We also made sure of this as everything counts.



The KRAKNZ box is completely bio-degradable. We hate plastic and refuse to use it. Everything is made by recycled cardboard and kraft material from PEFC certified responsibly managed forests, including the personal appreciation card you will find inside the box.

One of the key aspects you should bear in mind about the printing is the Climate-neutral printing technique. Climate-neutral printing compensates for the exact amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the production of your product. The amount of CO2 used in the print order is calculated automatically, so that the CO2 emissions of each individual product can be offset.

Oh yes, stickers. If you are lucky enough to either see or get one KRAKNZ sticker, you should know this one is made of polypropylene which is a non-toxic 100% recyclable material with a low environmental impact.





Handmade productions


From scratch. From zero to hero.

You read right. All of our collections are self-made. Designed and created in Spain by us.




From the creation of the fabric that we use on our products and the assembling of the piece, to the production of the printing methods. In that way, we make sure everyone is working under fair conditions and the material to be used is TOP quality.

Forget about getting a wholesale garment that many other brands are also going to use. You are better than that, your KRAKNZ apparel is 100% unique from the very beggining.

Mark these words.



Did you know that the textile and fashion industry is the second most polluting on the planet after the oil one? That every second 200 kilos of plastic are thrown into seas and oceans? Did you know that about 1.5 million birds, fish, whales and turtles die each year due to this pollution?

But you like fashion, right? Think about how many of the brands you usually wear share your values. Are you one of us and your personal style is linked to your principles?

If so, step forward at once and fight this situation.

Because no one can do everything, but we can all do something

KRAKNZ arises from the desire to improve what already exists. It arises from the love for style and quality. From the passion for nature. It arises from the strength and rage of the new generations and its incomprehension to the norms and established system.
KRAKNZ arises as a movement and a way of life.
We have arrived, and we are ready to stay.